School Improvement

SB Services will support you in all aspects of school review and suggest ways to move practice owards outstanding.




Inspection preparation

SB Services has wide expertise in inspections 0-19 and will review and suggest how to develop practice towards a higher Ofsted grading.



Training and development

SB Services will work with school leaders and teachers to improve their practice to support rapid growth and school development.



SB Services supports leaders to develop successful schools

Get in contact to find out more about how SB Services can support you and your school towards rapid improvement. SB Services understand what it is to be a headteacher and will offer advice which you can readily work with.

Supporting schools and headteachers

SB Educational Services is dedicated to supporting all educational improvement, including advising headteachers on aspects of leading and managing their schools. Offering a wide range of educational experience, SB Educational Services can help you in writing documents, training staff, working alongside you in developing and delivering school improvement, helping you in preparation for OfSTED, producing reports on specific aspects of your school, and offers advisory and consultancy support in many areas. SB Services have access to a wide range of advisers and consultants who can support you in your work in school.

Are you a headteacher who sometimes feels overwhelmed by the volume of work you have to do? SB Educational Services can take on some of that workload for you, by working alongside you or the school's other leaders for half a day or more, or taking on specific projects - writing policies from your instructions, completing documents, supporting teaching, etc.

SB Services can offer:

  • Independent SIP Service
  • School self-evaluation
  • Data analysis, ASP, IDSR, etc.
  • Preparation before, and support during inspection
  • Leadership development and training
  • Support and advice on Leadership and Specialist NPQs
  • Leadership training
  • Governor and staff training
  • Bespoke school support
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