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SB Services:

School Improvement or Development Plan. SB Services will work alongside you to produce a finished version of your SIP/ SDP to present to Governors.


School documentation and website. SB Services will carry out a review and/ or analysis to suggest improvements and compliance.

Preparation for Ofsted. SB Services will give advice on classrooms, documents, and the process and work alongside you to get ready for inspection. Support can be continued during the inspection. SB Services can carry out a 'mock inspection', or give staff experience with 'Ofsted-style' interviews.

Self Evaluation. SB Services can work with you to develop a self-evaluation which matches the needs of your school.

Data Analysis. SB Services will carry out an analysis of ASP, FFT, ISDR and your other documentation. If you are a regular client, then this is offered as a free service.

Lesson Observations, Book scrutinies, etc. SB Services will work alongside you as headteacher, or with other school leaders or staff to develop skills or support judgements in these and other evaluative areas.


Leadership development. SB Services can work with school leaders to develop their skills, and has close links with a wide variety of school leader training providers.

Support for the headteacher. As a head, you can often be overwhelmed simply by the volume of the tasks you have to do. SB Services can offer support, by taking on some of the tasks or working alongside you. This may be particularly important if your headteacher or deputy head is absent.

Safeguarding. SB Services can carry out a safeguarding review of your school.

Review of governance. SB Services can work with your governing body to improve the way they carry out their core functions, and can review how well they are supporting and challenging school leaders through a review of governance, either in advance of, or as a result of an inspection.

Discrete projects: SB Services will work alone or alongside governors or staff to carry out a project and to produce a report.

Leading and supporting training. SB Services will lead training days or staff meetings for you on any subject.

Train your leadership team for Performance Management. SB Services offers bespoke training on or off-site in order to prepare your staff to lead Performance Management in your school.

Pupil Voice. SB Services will interview a selection of children in your school and produce a discreet report about their views of the successes and their suggestions for improvement.

SB Services

SB Services offers a wide range of services focused on the education sector.

SB Educational Services offers a wide range of advisory and consultative services to schools and education companies.

SB Business Services offers advice on leadership development and the development of programmes.

SB Services Charges 2023-24


SB Services charges 2023-24
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SB Services is closely aligned to NPQonline, which offers:

  • Facilitated online courses for school leaders
  • Final assessment for the NPQ programmes
  • Coaching and mentoring for school leaders
  • Gateway assessment for the NPQ programmes
  • Pre-assessment checking and pre-project feedback for the NPQ programmes

SB Services works across England, including online

London, E Midlands, E Anglia preferred for face-to-face visits.

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